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  • What types of identification do I need in order to work?
    Everyone must present unexpired identification (ID) to prove you are legally permitted to work in the United States. A driver’s license and Social Security card OR an unexpired U.S. Passport are a few examples. For a complete list of acceptable I-9 documents, please click here.
  • Can I respond to more than one job post per production?
    Yes, you may respond to any and all job postings that you feel you are fit for. Keep in mind if you do get placed on availability that you are now responsible for letting us know if you no longer are available to work.
  • What do I do if I’m going to be late or need to cancel my booking?
    If you are running late to set or need to cancel please contact the show email.
  • Do I list Waldron Casting as my employer if I'm filing for unemployment?
    No, you should list the payroll company listed on your voucher as your employer on record.
  • Do I need professional headshots to be able to work with you?
    No!! We prefer selfies and candid photos here at Waldron Casting, in fact, most productions these days do.
  • What is a rush call?
    Rush calls are job posts for immediate same-day work. When you respond to a rush call, you may be required to get to set as soon as possible.
  • Can I stop by your office to give you my headshot and resume?
    Waldron Casting currently does not accept unsolicited walk-ins, calls, or texts. You can directly submit your information on the current projects page of our website.
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